The world’s biggest wildlife hospital at the time of construction, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, features a number of environmentally sustainable building practices and is possibly the largest straw bale building in Australia.

The hospital design combined contemporary veterinary facilities with spectator considerations, offering huge glass viewing panels around operating theatres and animal treatment areas.

In addition to the building’s straw bale construction, rammed earth internal walls harness thermal mass to even out temperature fluctuations.   Lime render was applied to the straw bale walls as a durable protective skin, to ensure building compliance for public access was achieved.

The facility comprises 1,300m2 purpose-built operating rooms, X-ray and CAT-scan rooms, ambulance bays, quarantine areas, general treatment areas and staff and visitor facilities.

The Hospital won the 2009 Master Builders regional award for Best Tourism and Hospitality Facility up to $8.0M on the Sunshine Coast.