Ridgemill will once again be working alongside Logan City Council in the delivery of the Wembley Road Shared Pathway upgrade. This is the first project being implemented under the Logan Central Master Plan and will provide a strategically important active transport link for pedestrians and cyclists.

The pathway connects Woodridge Train Station to the Logan City Special School and Woodridge State School and will provide a link to a diverse range of community facilities and open spaces on the southern side of Wembley Road.

The project will provide an active transport link that will encourage people to walk and cycle to work, school, shopping facilities and open spaces, and includes a new pedestrian crossing on Wembley Road and a shared pathway through the Woodridge State School.

Features of the project include:

  • 3m wide shared path wholly located on the Woodridge State School site
  • hard and soft landscaping including trees and groundcover planting, seating, high quality paving and entrance statements
  • CCTV and lighting along the shared path for security and safety
  • a new signalised pedestrian crossing which replaces the current supervised pedestrian crossing
  • landscaping, traffic signage and pedestrian path upgrades through Council’s car park to improve pedestrian and cycle connections to the CAC, LEC and Logan Gardens
  • bench seats and wayfinding signage.
Wembley Road Share Pathway Upgrade