Quality Management

Ridgemill’s Quality Management System is fully accredited (third party) to AS/NZS 9001:2015 standards with our most recent re-certification achieved in July 2014. Annual audits continue to maintain our quality assured status with the latest being undertaken in July 2018.

We are registered as a PQC Level 3 (Industry Best Practice) Consultant to the Queensland Government – the highest level of PQC rating that a small to medium Queensland-owned and operated enterprise can attain.

We understand that many combined factors result in quality project outcomes and take a multi-faceted approach to project quality, with the ultimate goal of achieving a defect free facility at handover. Effective quality management works to reduce, and often eliminate, defects and requires dedicated focus throughout the project.

Through our extensive experience in contract administration we are able to bring insight into solving contractual issues before they reach a dispute situation. We take a proactive role on all of our projects – documenting any issues relating to program, delay costs and quality issues – seeking to resolve any concerns as a matter of policy.

Quality management commences early in the project and follows through to final completion with our hands-on management style. In addition to our onsite presence, we take a highly proactive stance with regards to the management of variations, extension of time claims and the defects management period.

This robust approach to quality management results in the successful completion of our projects – on time and within budget.